I am a Post PhD Student at Nice-Sophia Antipolis University in the Team of Signal and Image processing in the Lagrange Laboratory. I was previously a PhD student at the EURECOM Laboratory and my PhD advisor was Dirk Slock.

Research Interests

Last Publications

Schutz, A., Ferrari, A., Mary, D., Soulez, F., Thiébaut, E., Vannier, M., "PAINTER: a spatiospectral image reconstruction algorithm for optical interferometry", J. Opt. Soc. Am. A, Vol. 31, N. 11, pp 2334--2345, 2014.
Abstract: Astronomical optical interferometers sample the Fourier transform of the intensity distribution of a source at the observation wavelength. Because of rapid perturbations caused by atmospheric turbulence, the phases of the complex Fourier samples (visibilities) cannot be directly exploited. Consequently, specific image reconstruction methods have been devised in the last few decades. Modern polychromatic optical interferometric instruments are now paving the way to multiwavelength imaging. This paper is devoted to the derivation of a spatiospectral (3D) image reconstruction algorithm, coined Polychromatic opticAl INTErferometric Reconstruction software (PAINTER). The algorithm relies on an iterative process, which alternates estimation of polychromatic images and complex visibilities. The complex visibilities are not only estimated from squared moduli and closure phases, but also differential phases, which helps to better constrain the polychromatic reconstruction. Simulations on synthetic data illustrate the efficiency of the algorithm and, in particular, the relevance of injecting a differential phases model in the reconstruction.
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Matlab and octave source code: PAINTER:

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